Dannible/McKee and Associates, Ltd. Concludes 2009/2010 Seminars

Dannible/McKee and Associates, Ltd., held its final Ownership Transition for the Design Professional seminar of the season this month.  This year's seminars were held in Chicago, New York City, DC, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, and Syracuse.

Anthony F. Dannible, one of Founding Principal of Dannible/McKee and Associates, stated "This course is very unique in that it has been specifically developed for partners, shareholders, and associates in architectural, engineering and planning firms who need to value their firms for sale, acquisition and/or merger."

Over 80 firms attended the seminars this season. "A unique feature is the advance case study the attendees receive upon registration.  Based on an actual ownership transition plan, attendees will be able to review ahead of time the necessary financial statements and related facts for their analysis.  At the seminar, they then are able to learn how to value a design firm using that information," stated Michael Reilly, another Principal in Dannible/McKee and Associates.

Although the Firm holds seminars across the United States, it also offers the option of coming to the design firm's establishment if it is more convenient. Interested firms can contact cburch@dmconsulting.com for more information.

About Dannible/McKee and Associates, Ltd.

Dannible/McKee and Associates, Ltd. provides business valuation, ownership transition, expert witness testimony and litigation support, strategic planning, financial management and employee benefit consulting to professional service firms across the country. In addition, the company teaches national seminars on business valuation and ownership transition to members of professional service firms.  Visit our website for more information.

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